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WACnGO is the only company providing a full logistics and optimization solution to the LPG/OIL distribution companies with powerful tools to control, maintain and optimize the logistic operation. WACnGO is focusing for the past 8 years only on this distribution market and it is one of the leaders in technology of this special market. WACnGO excellent products and the approach of being adaptive to the customer needs, have lead WACnGO to win in most of the bids were it attended. WACnGO is working in many countries around the globe and has thousands of its units deployed a the field.

  • WACnGO distribute and supports its systems through subsidiaries, partners and distributors in:
  • WACnGO Israel
  • WACnGO Brazil
  • WACnGO Romania
  • WAC US

WACnGO has the in-house knowledge manpower and experience to evaluate the overall SCM mechanism, install, configure, maintain and customize its systems specifically to each customer.

WAC Israel

P.O.B 7124
Shefa Tal 12
Tel Aviv 61070
Tel. +972-3-5618338
Fax. +972-57-7947842
E-mail: info@wireapp.com

WAC Brazil

Av. General Olimpio da Silveira, 655 – cj. 112
Perdizes – Sao Paulo – SP – CEP: 01150-001
Tel: +55 (11) 984281301

WAC United States

59 Hasbrouck Rd.
New Paltz, NY 12561
Tel. +917-362-9261

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