JupiterMobile truck distribution system


Complete solution for controlling Gas & Oil deliveries

JupiterMobile ensures secured transactions and full authentication throughout the delivery process with GPS location and RF identification technology. The system ensures transactions only to authorized customers. It provides real-time tracking of refilling events.

The right quantity at the right time!

Jupiter Mobile – Total control over the supply chain

The Jupiter Mobile solution gives Gas & Oil distributors full management and supervision over the complete distribution cycle. Routes, inventory status, complete control over the electronic register and online management tools are combined to deliver the strongest logistics control system on the market.

JupiterMobile allows the distributor to follow the truck distribution Online, so that it runs at maximum efficiency and with maximum security. It is part of Jupiter’s complete end-to-end solution.

Main features

  • JupiterMobile system controls and monitors the truck’s electronic register.
  • Authentication by GPS location – valve opens only when truck is at the right location.
  • Authentication by RF Identification – valve opens only when RF ring is recognized by the system.
  • Constant inventory management – online management and updates.
  • Communication with the driver through the system – instant messaging.
  • Tracking routes and delivery points marked on map.
  • Cross reference with JupiterProb– alert for every irregularity.
  • Routes and delivery updates ERP directly.
  • Daily truck balances and performances.
  • Online alerts –location, occasional customer, balance, truck capacity.

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