JupiterProb – The right quantity at the right time

State of the art solution for remotely monitoring Gas & Oil tanks. Telemetry based, remote tracking of tank levels and consumption to generate demand forecast for the optimal next refill time. JupiterProb is a battery operated, stand-alone unit that monitors each tank and can be can be remotely configured from the JupiterNet central system.

Jupiter increases logistics efficiency by 40%

The JupiterProb telemetry system is part of the overall Jupiter End-to-End solution to the Gas & Oil distributor. JupiterProb is a robust, battery-operated, standalone unit that is connected to each Gas or Oil storage tank and interfaces through Cellular GSM with JupiterNet-the enterprise server. JupiterProb unit presents a very powerful, self-contained unit with over 10 years’ experience operation in the field.

Main features include

  • Robust unit – fits any condition.
  • Monitor Up to 3 tanks.
  • Meter reading capability.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Many alerts include: low and high threshold, fill-up and abnormal situations.
  • Full ATEX certification.

Technical Data

Number of inputs 3 Analogue signals for 3 tanks + 1 meter reading
Gauge Rochester, Cotrako, Magnetel, Pulse counter, 4…20mA signal
Data transmission GSM quad-band (SMS only)
Dimensions 130 x 114 x 54.5mm
Weight 350g
Operating temp. -30°C to +60°C
Battery 2S1PLS17500X 7.2V Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCL2), 3.6Ah
Autonomy 5 years (1 SMS per day)
Housing Polyamide and reinforced Polyphthalamide
Joint ring FPM (Viton®)
IP protection rating IP 68
ATEX certification II 2(1)G Ex ia [ia] IIB T3
Digital output Possible upon request

Download JupiterProb brochure

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