Jupiter System


Jupiter End-to-End solution

From tank level monitoring to complete truck distribution control.

WACnGO is a leader in optimizing logistics for Gas & Oil Distributors and the first to offer an overall supply-chain solution.

The Jupiter System provides a unique integrated distribution and inventory management solution that greatly enhances business performance.

Jupiter increases logistics efficiency by 40%.

Added values to WAC Jupiter System

  • Increase operation efficiency – saves 40%.
  • Demand forecast calculation.
  • Intelligent inventory management.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – no ‘out of stock’ events.
  • Enhances distributor as innovative company.
  • Promote sustainable green solution – decrease the greenhouse gas emission.
  • Unique algorithm for TTF ‘Time To Fill’.
  • Centralized automated alerts and reports.
  • Prevent and detect fraud.

JupiterNet Enterprise Server – Closing the monitoring loop

Jupiter system has an enhanced and sophisticated back office server application – the JupiterNet system.

This Internet-based application server gives the distributor a complete suite of functionality to monitor and control both JupiterProb (telemetry) and JupiterMobile (trucks operation). The ability to cross-reference between the two modules gives the Jupiter system its differentiate factor

Main features

  • Intuitive user friendly interface.
  • Web server oriented, also supporting smart phones.
  • Monitors and controls telemetry units, with remote configuration.
  • Monitors and controls trucks distribution process.
  • Interface to any back-office system (ERP).
  • System based on proven algorithms.
  • Generates various alerts and reports.


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